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Visitor Entries
Post Date 2009-06-21
Name Dennis
Comment Just went this past weekend and wanted to thank you for such a great time. Your facility and staff are first rate. Wil be back soon!

Post Date 2009-06-23
Name Brenda
Comment We come to the Hi-Way every summer. Nealy every week. My daughter and I just love it there. I keep hoping for a horror fest night.. all spooky movies.. Thanks for being there.

Post Date 2009-06-25
Name Mike & Patty Huber
Comment Made our first visit of the Year and as always it was just a great time !! Thanks See you again soon ! Mike & Patty Huber

Post Date 2009-06-28
Name Sabrina
Comment My kids and I came out last weekend to see 'Night at the Museum' and 'Land of the Lost.' It was our first visit this year. We love that there is a drive-in so close for us. My girlfriend and her kids came up from the Richmond area to accompany us. We all love it and thanks. See you tonight for 'Up.'

Post Date 2009-06-28
Name Max
Comment i hav always loved the drive in ..however..on the this site, i think u should update the "coming attractions" very/more often..thts bout it...the drive in is great

Post Date 2009-06-29
Name Monica
Comment Have always had a great time...please play the PG movie first ALWAYS:)

Post Date 2009-06-29
Name Alex Berry
Comment you guys have really done an amaing job making this place look great. i really hope that someday ican bring my kids to this same place. thanks a lot.

Post Date 2009-06-30
Name Dan Paehlig Jr
Comment friendfly staff, hot foot well macirured lot, quality movie pictures, and I'd love to join the staff in future to help draw in near and different faces. 989-917-0218

Post Date 2009-07-02
Name brian
Comment I love the drivein!!! i always have a good time. fresh air. good prices. cant wait to come. Keep up the great job!

Post Date 2009-07-03
Name Barb Joslin
Comment I spent my summer's and dating life going to the Hi-Way drive inn. I graduated from Deckerville High School Class of 1981

Post Date 2009-07-14
Name Crystal,Benny and Family
Comment Our visit was awsome! We like that it now takes debit and credit. We would like to see hamburgers and fries sold there soon..... This is a great family spot!

Post Date 2009-07-15
Name Noreen
Comment It was a nice experience

Post Date 2009-07-16
Name Kris
Comment I love the drive in, it's great that it's so close and such a great price to see two shows. However, it would be nice if the "coming attractions" would show what is scheduled for the following week. It is thursday at 2pm and I still have no idea what you are going to be showing for Friday July 17th. Isn't there anyway we could get this information sooner??

Post Date 2009-07-21
Name Rachel Stover
Comment We love going to the drive in. My oldest son has Austim, so he does not like the in door one he loves being out side to watch the movies

Post Date 2009-07-30
Name Kelly
Comment My boys (3 & 6) and I just returned homefrom watching Ice Age 3 and I had to immediately look up the web site. We had such an amazing night at the Drive in! It brings back many memories of the timeswhen I used to go with my parents and NOW I am pleased to be able to offer my boys the same excitement and thrills of the drive in. The grounds were very well manicured and the staff was very pleasing. We are already planning our next trip here. Thank you Hi-Way Drive-In.

Post Date 2009-07-30
Name Heidi
Comment I love it. The family atmosphere is great. The kids can run around til the movies start. It makes for a calmer movie viewing.

Post Date 2009-08-01
Name kandt family
Comment Jacob won Most of the Star Wars Competion last Costume and such. It will be a day for him to always remeber. We are heading back today to start new memories. You have made this family very happy.

Post Date 2009-08-14
Name Jeff
Comment I like the drive in, but it would be nice if your website and phone announcement would list which movies are going to be on the schedule for this coming Friday. When making plans for the weekend, I don't want to plan on going to the drive in if it isn't going to be a movie I want to see. Since I don't know what is going to be playing before Friday gets here, I typically will make other plans to go to Saginaw or something instead.

Post Date 2009-08-24
Name Kathy Preston
Comment Havn't been ther yet this year but have many times in the past. Looking forward to coming out if you feature a good film.

Post Date 2009-09-04
Name Holli Johnson
Comment My family and I visit the drive-in often, and we love it! Everyone is so friendly, the food is good, and it's the best bargin around! Thank you!

Post Date 2009-09-27
Name Kent
Comment I'm so glad I found your website and very happy you're still in business. I saw many movies here in the late 60's and early 70's, the last being "Vanishing Point" with Barry Newman in 1972. I'll be visiting the area in October and look forward to taking some pictures of one of my favorite childhood memories. Best of luck to you and hope you continue for many years to come.

Post Date 2009-10-16
Name Angela
Comment Thank you so much for another wonderful year. Thank you for being so affordable in this recession. Can't wait to see you in 2010. Blessing to you all.

Post Date 2010-03-04
Name billy ostrander
Comment opening day last year was great fireworks awsome

Post Date 2010-04-23
Name Ally
Comment Me and my family went one time when it was showing Shrek 3 and had such a fun time!! Can't wait to go again!!

Post Date 2010-04-28
Name Shante McGuire
Comment The last time I went I loved it you can't get an exsperience like this in a regular movie theater you just can't. Get some snacks and kick back and watch a flick. I was 11 years old last time I went with my father and now I'm 18 and bringing my friends to have fun. Come its great.

Post Date 2010-05-01
Name Kayla
Comment it was actually really good. i first came ehre with my cousin and then begged my parents to go. ive been here quite a few times and i love it! i agree you need a horror fest night, that would be awesome! and also id like the coming attractions to be updated too. keep doing what ya do! cant wait for this season

Post Date 2010-05-03
Name Sheri
Comment So glad to see you're back...we'll be seeing you'all real soon!

Post Date 2010-05-14
Name Alex
Comment me and my girlfriend went all last summer, and had a wonderful time, each and every visit :) it's such a pleasure two have a drive in, so close. we look forward to another summer of happy memories. Thank you, and keep up the good work! :)

Post Date 2010-05-15
Name brad & amy
Comment My family's drive-in visits are always wonderful. My husband and I have been going to this very drive-in since we were both kids. Our parents took us and our grandparents took them. Its nice to have a palce that holds so many memories for so many generations. Thank you.

Post Date 2010-05-16
Name Frustrated
Comment im not trying to post harmful content on this board, just want to let people know my experience, and since it wasnt a good one im sure it wont be put on the site. Whoever runs this place needs to be fired, bottom line. I understand weather factors into opening the theater or not, but in this day and age if your not gonna open it you really should put it up on this site asap. I packed my neices and nephews in a van on saturday may 15 2010 to come to your theater, after driving over 1 and 1/2 hrs

Post Date 2010-05-17
Name lisa zaveta
Comment well the last time was just family and we always have a great time no problems ever.was sorry to see you did not get your old time sign out front.but when we brought the kids from camp cavell i just want to tell you they all injoyed themselves. it was great i hope to come back this year with them. we still were hoping you would come out with iron man 2 but we are never disappointed thanks

Post Date 2010-05-17
Name Lisa
Comment Dear Frustrated. I am very sorry that you drove that far. I completely forgot to change the website. Once again I apologize. I would be glad to send you tickets to come back and buy you pop and popcorn. If you would send me your address I will mail the tickets and coupons to you. My email is Once again I am very sorry. we are just getting started and I completely forgot to change the website. I hope you will let us make this up to you as the drive in is such a fun pl

Post Date 2010-05-18
Name Mark+KIm Paeth
Comment We love this drive in,it is a peace of American history that i'm giade my family can see and enjoy. See you soon

Post Date 2010-05-21
Name Rick McCoy
Comment It was a lot of fun, took me back to my childhood. My kids really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work !

Post Date 2010-05-21
Name Trish
Comment It was in the 90s and was a super experience! Such a fun time ... and the old concession stand commercials were great!

Post Date 2010-05-25
Name James
Comment I haven't been there yet, we are going to make our first trip there this summer, i can't wait. i've only been toa drive-in, once in my life, and that was when we still had one in Caro before it was destroyed, so i'm looking forward to it!!!

Post Date 2010-06-05
Name James Robbins
Comment It was with my family and it was amazing. This place has given me some great memories in my life! I hope you guys keep this place open forever so my kid's kids can make as many great memories as I have. Thank you!!!

Post Date 2010-06-08
Name Bill & Pam Thompson
Comment June 15 is fast approaching and as we have for the last 26 years we plan to spend it at the drive-in. Our very first date was there in 1984. Hope the weather is good. Keep up the great work. See-ya soon!!!!

Post Date 2010-06-12
Name Ellen and Ryan Thrushman
Comment We love the drive-in!!!!!!

Post Date 2010-06-15
Name Hannah Welsh
Comment It was wonderfull:) I've been brings my boys here for the last couple of yrs after I found out that we still have a drive in close to home . It brings back memories of when I was a kids . I always enjoyed to go to the drive ins. So I wanted to share they same memories with my boys like my parents di with me. I just want to say thank u for still having the drive in still around so I can make memeoies with them. Its big nice and the girls who work in that HOT stand thank u for being nice to us whe

Post Date 2010-06-20
Name tricia
Comment our family loves the drivein its a wonderful family outing..and can't beat the prices..

Post Date 2010-06-24
Name Erin
Comment I loved going to the Hi-Way when I was younger. Great memories there. Hope to return soon. Thanks for all the great service!

Post Date 2010-07-01
Name Jessica Wahowske
Comment The last time I was there was last year and I am hoping to make for 4th of July weekend for the Last Airbender and The Karate Kid

Post Date 2010-07-01
Name Tasha
Comment I love coming to the drive in. Lay outside and enjoy some nice movies. Id rather go to the drive in than to the actual movies!! Cant wait to come on Saturday to the movies!

Post Date 2010-07-07
Name Tari Tovsen
Comment I play euchre with Pirateapple

Post Date 2010-07-12
Name Christine
Comment Our family love to come to the Drive in we come a few times a summer. It is so much fun to hang out and watch the movies.

Post Date 2010-07-19
Name The Johnson Family
Comment My husband & I hadn't been to the drive-in for quite a while for expense reasons (we have 4 small children) but we finally went a few nights ago (without the kids) & had a great time. A suggestion I have would be to have a "family night" during the week in which kids under 12 would be free. We would love for our kids to start enjoying the drive-in now so they can appreciate it as adults as much as we do. I think it would help bring more business to the drive-in on slower nights plus give more

Post Date 2010-07-21
Name stacey
Comment I love coming to the drive in, because of the price, always have the new movies and we always have a good time. I remember going to the driven in when I was a kid. my family getts to injoy the driven in like I did when I was a kid. I would recamend the driven in to family that would like to watch a movie outside.

Post Date 2010-07-30
Name Larry Nichol
Comment I ran the movie projectors in town for Mr. Hollis Drew when I was in high school. Mr. Drew owned both the movie house in Sandusky and the drive in back then in the 60s. I remember helping Mr. Drew repair the car speakers which were often broken when customers forgot to unhook them before they drove away. I also delivered the monthly movie posters to all of the various stores and gas stations all over the thumb for Mr. Drew. When we were kids it was an annual event for my dad to take the fami

Post Date 2010-08-02
Name James
Comment i was just wonderine what the facebook page for this place is?

Post Date 2010-08-10
Name Sheryl
Comment My boyfriend and I were at the theater last night 8 /9/10. Although I did not care about what was showing, I enjoyed being here and will continue to come here often.

Post Date 2010-08-13
Name katelyn
Comment i am going for the first time tonight i hope it is amazing

Post Date 2010-08-20
Name Marsha Dankenbring
Comment Have been going to your drive-in for years. It is my faavorite form of entertainment.

Post Date 2010-09-04
Name Jeff
Comment Fur babies love the place. Always greet Jordan and crew with a healthy bark! Have watched the drive-ins all go - Grew up in the sixties. Well worth the two hour drive. Thanks! Jeff, and booger dog (elmer fudd also).

Post Date 2010-09-25
Name Harold Delor
Comment My wife and i take our boys their every summer.We love the outdoors and the fact its mostly families coming to see the films.No trouble,no drama,good people, and good service.sorry we missed the last weekend of the season.

Post Date 2011-02-15
Name jason
Comment Looking forward to seeing you summer of 2011.

Post Date 2011-04-02
Name Nora
Comment I grew up going to the Highway Drive-In! Only wonderful memories here. I went as a child, as a teenager with boyfriends, and now as an adult with Grandchildren. There was a swingset in the front that you could play on before movie time too. Great place and great memories. See you in July with a group of first timers!

Post Date 2011-04-02
Name Nora
Comment I grew up going to the Highway Drive-In! Only wonderful memories here. I went as a child, as a teenager with boyfriends, and now as an adult with Grandchildren. There was a swingset in the front that you could play on before movie time too. Great place and great memories. See you in July with a group of first timers!

Post Date 2011-05-10
Name Mike and Pat Tresnak
Comment We enjoyed viewing movies last summer. We have come to the theater since being kids. We are now in our 50's and enjoy sharing time with our now grown kids and our there! Some traditions just never die!

Post Date 2011-05-25
Name cathy
Comment My family has been coming out there for years. We have alot of good memorys there with our kids:)

Post Date 2011-05-31
Name Lisa
Comment Our family goes at least 5 times a summer to visit the H-Way and we LOVE it there! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. What a great family destination. We've been going for about 10yrs now. We wouldn't know what to do with you! Can't wait till tomorrow we are on our way.

Post Date 2011-06-02
Name Dustin
Comment It was my first drive-in show, and i have to say, it was AWESOME!! very worth it and I cant wait until my next visit!

Post Date 2011-06-05
Name Diane
Comment Can't wait to come this summer!! We have been coming here since our son was around 4, he's turning 13 this summer, now have a new addition and this will be his first visit this summer. I just LOVE those slushes/snowcones, had 2 when I was pregnant last time here!!! See ya soon!!!! Thanks for everything.

Post Date 2011-06-20
Name catherine and daniel wagn
Comment me and my husband come there every chance we get and we just love it the staff is nice and we like being outdoors watching a couple of movies. its the best.

Post Date 2011-06-23
Name Ongie Family
Comment Excellent.(2 Weeks ago, Kung Foo Panda 2) We are new to the drive inn expierence. Its awesome with the kids. Everyone should go there and expierence it with thier family. I give it a 10. Long live the Drive In. We'll be back for Cars 2. See ya then........

Post Date 2011-06-26
Name Rodney@family
Comment We were there on june 17 had a blast great food just dont find some thing like this anymore please keep up the good work .

Post Date 2011-06-30
Name Dayna
Comment You should have a facebook and twitter so i can share you with everyone

Post Date 2011-07-11
Name jen king
Comment Last night, transformers and super 8. Love the old memories a drive in brings and thank god we have one so close. I just beg to see Twister and The Shining together on the big screen! (if you've seen Twister, then you'd know why, lol.)

Post Date 2011-07-13
Name shirley fleming
Comment went to marysville drivf when i was a kid .all the time my best firends dad ran it .

Post Date 2011-07-16
Name Furness Family
Comment Just went to the Hi-Way Drive-In last night and watched Cars 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. I haven't been to a drive-in since my family went to watch E.T. at the M-53 Drive-in at Bad Axe. This was the first time for my wife and kids to go to a drive-in. It turned out to be a really nice night. A nice bright moon and the temperature wasn't too cold or hot. We will be comming back. Thanks.

Post Date 2011-07-20
Name Jeff & Angela Beltowski
Comment The Hi-Way Drive-In is awesome I've lived here my whole life and have been going every chance I get. Me and my wife went on our first date and needless to say it was stellar!!!!!!!! Keep It Going!!!

Post Date 2011-07-25
Name Delgado Family
Comment We went this last wk/end and had a fabulous time. We try and make it at least 2 if not more times every summer. Great time w/ the fam and u can't beat the prices. Beats the regular movies by a long shot:)Thanks for the great times....CU soon

Post Date 2011-07-28
Name The Driggers Family
Comment We actually have not been to the High-way this year yet. I've called a couple of times to find out what was playing & so far we have not been interested in coming, however, with next weeks attraction's Movies I think we will have to come & enjoy your fares! As in the past we always have enjoyed! Thank you for good family fun & the making of Good family memories!!!!

Post Date 2011-08-02
Name Nicole
Comment It was great we come often all summer and want Thank You

Post Date 2011-09-02
Name Paula
Comment We try to go every time there's a new movie, since we discovered it a month ago! Always a great time, love the hot chocolate and reasonable prices!

Post Date 2011-09-07
Name Lisa
Comment We Liked Spy kids 4

Post Date 2011-12-21
Name Robert & Sherry Luther
Comment Thinking about taking the grand kids in the summer.

Post Date 2012-05-23
Name Olivia
Comment I've been coming here since I was a kid with my family and friends, and it's never a summer without taking a trip. Even had my first "real" date here haha. The Hi-Way Drive-In is a place I will never forget! :)

Post Date 2012-05-25
Name Stacey
Comment We were there last weekend having fun like aways when we are there and you had a problem with the picture. Have you guys got that fixed because my family and I want to go again. The drive-in is the best way to spend time with the family. Thank you so-much for the fun time we have at te drive-in.

Post Date 2012-05-28
Name hannah welsh
Comment ha a blast last weekend til the movie went out. but got a rain check to come back and ill be back forsure. love ur palce

Post Date 2012-06-10
Name Katie
Comment It was a rainy evening for Dark Shadows and the Avengers, but my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our first visit to the facility. It was a blast from the past for both of us and we plan to visit often in the future!

Post Date 2012-06-11
Name Theodore Robert Falcon
Comment I would appreciate some accurate information on your up coming shows. I want to take a lovely lady out for a nice evening but I'll need to be able to inform her on which cinema we will be attending. If you could so kindly let us know before thursday we shall choose you. Sincerely, Theodore R. Falcon 1st

Post Date 2012-06-20
Name stacey pattee
Comment Loved it! I try and go as much as possible. The last movie I watched there was avengers, the whole place was packed. Its always lots of fun!

Post Date 2012-06-21
Name Candy
Comment We've gone the last 2 yrs. When I was younger, I used to go to the Gratiot Drive-in. I have sooo many good memories! Thank you soooo much for being here!!!

Post Date 2012-06-22
Name Rachel
Comment Just went last night with my two daughters and had a great evening! Really great prices and fun experience. I remember going as a kid myself and now can share it with my own. We'll definately be back often this summer!

Post Date 2012-06-27
Name Stacey
Comment The family and I came to the drive-in on the first weekend that you were open. We seen most of the 3 stooges and something broke and we could not see Hunger Games. I was wondering if you will get back hunger games or not. I glad you got the problem fixed and we will be back my family and I love it there.

Post Date 2012-07-11
Name Chris
Comment Although it's been 14 years since my last visit, going to the Hi-Way Drive-In while I lived in Michigan was always a blast. Thanks for being a part of my youth, guys!

Post Date 2012-07-16
Name Deb
Comment We have not been here for a couple of years. We went last weekend. Had a great time. We noticed alot of improvements. (new paint and cleaned up) Keep up the good work. We will be back soon.

Post Date 2012-08-08
Name Danielle Calva
Comment It was great to be back at Hi-Way Drive-in! Even though we don't live in the area anymore, we always make it back to Carsonville for a night at the drive-in! We are going back again this weekend, I hope the weather holds out!!

Post Date 2012-09-02
Name Donna
Comment We visit your drive in often throughout the summer and LOVE IT! Stick around as there are too few around. Concession stand provides all you need at very reasonable prices.

Post Date 2013-06-09
Name Cyndi Hogston
Comment Had a great time watching the show and relaxing......

Post Date 2013-07-04
Name monica hudson
Comment July 4th so nice at the front gate. We loved the beautiful drive...the show screen..great view..everyone so friendly..can't wait to come back : )

Post Date 2013-09-02
Name Patricia Clements
Comment My name is Patricia Clements, daughter of the original owner, Torchy Clements. You cannot imagine how pleased I am to see the Hi-Way Drive In open. I was four years old when the drive in opened and spent a good part of my life there until it was sold in 1968. Some of that time was watching movies and fireworks, and some was pulling weeds from the flower beds in front, checking the speakers, and when I was older manning the ticket booth. I loved it. I remember Mr. Davis running the projectio

Post Date 2013-09-13
Name Jackie Dillahunt
Comment MY last visit was just like my first, WONDERFUL!!! I wish would come and enjoy the experience that we are lucky to have here. Come and make good memories with family and friends, or just by yourself! I will always LOVE going to the DRIVE-IN!

Post Date 4/26/2009
Name Steve Kursinsky
Comment We will be open for Memorial Day week end With a great Fireworks show at intermission on Sat night.

As soon as school is out for the summer we will be open 7 days a week. And no chance of us following the Us 23 or the Miracle .


Post Date4/24/2009
NameKrystal Smart
CommentI went here growing up as a kid, my mom would take us to it as a reward for cleaning my room with my two older sisters, unfortunately, the last time I was there was to watch The Bad News Bears. I really took advantage of the many times I went there, as I've moved to the south where supridinhly there is no Drive-ins, even if there were, it wouldn't be the same, looking at the photo gallery, I cried thinking of the many times I stood in line at the consession stand, or when I was little and made my mommy talk to me in the bathroom so I knew I wasn't alone in the night =) don't ever close PLEASE!! next time I'm up there, I'll be going!!! I love it there!

Post Date4/21/2009
CommentI first visited, 2 years ago, we wanted to give our kids the joy and happiness we rememberhaving and kids ourselves. now we go there at least once a year and have btought friends and family along, its the greatest family entertainment anyone coulld ask for. keep up the great work and we will be back in 09

Post Date3/15/2009
NameMike Huber
CommentI'm waiting for you guys to open do you have a opening date for 2009 ?

Post Date3/13/2009
Name alisha
Comment We love the HI- way drive in and cant wait for spring to roll around again. We will be back in 09!!!!

Post Date3/8/2009
CommentHey, are you guys planning on staying open for the 2009 season????? I just heard the horrible news about us-23 and Miracle Twin and was hoping that you weren't following in there footsteps to close as well.........

Please Let Me Know........

Post Date3/1/2009

Post Date1/16/2009
CommentWe just found out about this place and can't wait to get there in '09

Post Date9/14/2008
NameDarren Shaw Aka DjSpazz!!!!
CommentHaven't been there yett heard alot of good things about the drive in though planning on going though before they close for the season

Post Date8/29/2008
Namejerry l
Commentwe plan on coming up this weekend !!!!!

Post Date8/21/2008
NameMike & Kim Keesler
CommentWe were there for the Star Wars anniversary party. We had a great time!! It was my first time there in almost 20 years. We'll be back. When the 1st movie was over my 3 year old said "that was the most fun day ever!". Enough said!

Post Date8/18/2008
NameLori Sanborn
CommentWe drove by your Drive-In on the way to our new cottage, and we were THRILLED. We expect to be regular visitors in the very near future. Our (young adult children) 'kids' are very excited too!

Post Date8/17/2008
Namechester mcgee
Commentsaw the dark knight a few weeks ago...another KICK ASS night at the drive in! SWEET!

Post Date8/15/2008
NameThe Kandts
CommentIt was our first and it was amazing. Our 7 year old had the best time ever. The staff at the consession stand were extremely friendly. We will be coming back for our sons favorite thing..Star Wars and will be back again and agian.

Post Date8/9/2008
Namebobbi jo
CommentI really enjoy going to the driveinn. It's great to just be able to sit outside and relax while watching a movie. Plus you can see two movies for a cheaper price than watching one at a cinema.

Post Date8/7/2008
CommentIt was nice I saw kung fu panda

Post Date8/5/2008
NameMichael @ David
CommentI love the Drive In! We had a good time watching "The Dark Night" We will be back soon. Keep up the good work.

Post Date7/30/2008
CommentI love the Drive In! Me and my friends go there as much as we can! I wouldn't change a thing about it. :) Keep it up you guys. :)

Post Date7/28/2008
NameMike & Patty Huber
CommentWe made our first trip of the summer Saturday to see Dark Knight and as always everthing was just great !! Keep up the great work Thanks Mike & Patty Huber

Post Date7/25/2008
NameMike "Ziggy"
CommentWe brought the whole family out to see some good movies and all of us had a great time. The quality was excellent and makes for an old-fashioned movie experience. Thank you for providing a awesome service!

Post Date7/25/2008
CommentIt was very nice... We saw the Dark Knight and purchased goodies from the concession stand and used our Ozoner card! Thanks very much! I really enjoy the t-shirt I bought and I proudly wore it the next day....

Post Date7/15/2008
CommentI've been there and it's a fun place, it could use a little fix-up but it's nice and I'm coming this weekend to go and see The Dark Knight.

Post Date7/13/2008
NameLarry & Rhonda Fetting
CommentNice to be able to come into the website to see what is playing.

Post Date7/10/2008
NameCarrie Hogston
CommentI absolutely love this theater. My first movie was Pocahontas I believe and I can remember begging my mom and dad to come. Now I'm old enough to bring my family and my kids love it to. Yours is the only place that I can bring a 1 and 2 year old and no one yells at me!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

Post Date7/4/2008
Namecris swiatkowski
Commentnew comers .

Post Date6/29/2008
CommentWe came and saw Kung Fu Panda and What Happens In Vegas. I have been there almost every weekend since you guys opened. I used to go the mt.clemens drive in as a kid and now i get to take my own daughter to the drive in. She loves it. She has a blast everytime we come.

Post Date6/28/2008
NameDean & Anita
CommentWe always make it a tradition to go the your Drive-In to kick off the summer. We love the old-fashioned atmosphere and service. A visit or two throughout the summer is a great way for us to relax and eat tonnes of junk food, while enjoying a great flick.

Keep up the great work!

Post Date6/26/2008
NameMike "Ziggy"
CommentI have not been out this season, yet. But I plan on making several trips. Every time I come out I have a spectactular time and love to go. I bring my whole family out and we have the best movies enjoyment. Thanks for providing quality movie enviroment!

Post Date6/24/2008
NameTrevor VanConant
CommentI have always loved the drive-in and it is always a nice thing to brag about. Thanks for everything.

Post Date6/24/2008
NameCote Family
Commentmy family has been coming to this drive since we were little... my first movie at the drive-in was Grease!!! Now my brothers bring their kids... and the love the freedom of sitting outside or laying on a blanket to watch a movie. Your prices are great!!!! Where else can you see 2 new movies for $7 and eat great food without breaking the bank... especially with gas prices!! Keep up the good work!!!!

Post Date6/16/2008
NameMark & Jaime
CommentWe took our kids for their first drive-in expierience to see Kung-Fu Panda and they just loved it. The weather was great and we will be coming back again soon.

Post Date6/13/2008
Namekatie kenny
Commenti grew up on the gratiot drive in the mt clemens and the belaire so to marry and find a jewel like the hi way was quite a good thing.i live in the city now and miss it very much.

Post Date6/11/2008
NamePam & Bill
CommentIt's that time again, on June 15, 1984 we had our first date at the drive-in. Hard to Hold and License to Drive were playing that weekend. We have been coming back almost every year on that date. Some years the drive-in wasn't open yet on week days, so we had to go to the theatre in town. Looking forward to this Sunday-hope to see you at the snack bar!!!

Post Date6/7/2008
CommentI remember going to the drive in when I was a kid. But did have a suggestion that on your main page, you should post your discount rates for 12 or more people and that if not there then at least on your answer machine. Hope to come soon now that I am much older and check out your drive inn once again with my children and family.

Post Date6/5/2008
NameJunior, Amelia, Cholo & Baby, Weeze, Justin & Dust
CommentWe come as often as I can get a free night off (work midnights). I fell in love with the place way back in the day and now my kids and their kids can't wait til another great time at the Hi-Way Drive-In. Keep up the nostalgia & great job!!

Post Date6/2/2008
Commenttook friends of ours last summer, cooked out while there, the kids has never been to a drive-in, in fact, i think there is a lot of kids that have never experienced a drive-in. look foward to coming back this summer, soon!

Post Date5/30/2008
NameMegan & Jeremey
CommentThis place is amazing. We have been coming here for years. We usually see a crap load of shooting stars when ever we come and watch movie.

Post Date5/27/2008
CommentMy first trip was to see ET and Six Pack with Kenny Rogers!! I think I was six. My most recent isn't so recent, it was to see Men in Black. My husband and I can't wait to bring our girls this year!!

Post Date5/26/2008
Nameshawn & julie
CommentWOW!! what an amazing opening weekend!! it was great, glad we got there early, the parking spots disapeared quickly saturday night. Keep up the great work. See you very soon. We love your drive-in!!

Post Date5/26/2008
Name chester mcgee
Commentkick ass! we'll be back.

Post Date5/25/2008
NameMike & Patty Huber
CommentWill See you this weekend been coming for years !! Looking for another great season Thanks

Mike & Patty Huber

Post Date5/24/2008
Commenti have'nt been there since i was a kid,i'm taking my wife and kids there tonight to see indiana jones and ironman,i can't wait.

Post Date5/22/2008
CommentIt's been awhile since I've been there, but we have always enjoyed it very much. The guy who runs the projecters is very hot!!!! Hope to see you soon!!

Post Date5/21/2008
CommentSee you on the 24th cant wait and you have a very good movie line up.Thanks you Hi-Way Drive-In

Post Date5/16/2008
NameChuck Moses
CommentWe are so excited for the upcoming hi-way drive-in season! The family can't wait to get back into the swing of things. We come every weekend and love every moment!

Post Date5/13/2008
CommentIf you open we will come.....Cant wait..

Post Date5/13/2008
CommentI am so excited for the new season to start. It's going to be a great year.

Post Date5/12/2008
CommentWe are all anxiously awaiting to hear when you will be opening this season. Any schedule yet??

Post Date4/24/2008
NameMisty Jackson
CommentI came with my kids. We love coming to the Drive-in. I've had many good times there.

Post Date4/4/2008

Post Date3/26/2008
CommentI love the Drive In I think its great that you guys hold cars shows and stuff as well as show movies I hope you guys will be around for a long time to come and I am looking forward to you openning this season

Post Date3/3/2008
CommentI cannot wait until you open!

Post Date11/22/2007
NameGeorge Lynch
CommentThe Hi-Way is the best! Can't wait until you open next season.